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ADK9 Scotland Dog Obedience & Dog Behaviour is a leading residential dog obedience training company covering the whole of Scotland. ADK9 Scotland is based just outside of the quaint village of Caldercruix, ML6 8PA.

ADK9 Scotland is run by Alan Conquer and is based at the Andelalie Boarding Kennels, Caldercruix. The kennels offer your pet its own sleeping area with a covered outer area, offering the best possible experience for your pet whilst it is with us for training.

ADK9 Scotland pride themselves on offering a professional, detailed and proven training service. We are able to help with a number of dog behaviour & obedience issues.

All dogs which visit ADK9 Scotland are boarded for a minimum of 1 week and provided a specific trainer for the duration of their stay. This allows us to provide 1-to-1 training to all dogs.

Having your dog stay with ADK9 Scotland for 1 week allows the trainer to experience your dog outside of it’s comfort zone, meaning more focus can be put towards the root cause of the behaviour and/or obedience issue.

Our pricing structure is transparent. We charge a flat fee of £395 for a 1 week training session.

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Residential dog obedience training has a proven track record of improving your dog's behaviour. 

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